Office Will be Closed

(4/24)   Our office will be closed Monday, 4/28; Tuesday, 4/29; Thursday, 5/1 and Friday 5/2.

Most orders received in our office by 9 a.m. Pacific time on Friday, April 25, will ship before we close. Orders received while we are away will be processed, billed and shipped when we return.

We will be back in the office with normal hours on Monday, May 5.

What's New?

(4/22)   About 90 certified Proof Franklins added to inventory.

Photo Requests

If there are coin(s) that interest you, where you need photos to decide, please let us know, and we'll do them right away.

You may request up to 3 coin photos at a time, where each coin is $50 or more.


Our Coins For Sale

Lots of great coins listed on our site. Do we have what YOU need? We invite you to explore our current selection of certified and raw U.S. coins.

  • CERTIFIED. We primarily deal in coins certified by NGC and PCGS, and are an authorized dealer for both services.
  • RAW (uncertified). We offer a broad selection of nice raw coins in most series
  • It's easy to tell the difference. Certified coin descriptions begin with "Cert. by ...."

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What Customers Say

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